Halal Investment Opportunities in India

Since many Indians are sending their families back to their countries and facing challenging financial situations we have come with some information from Experts on Opportunities in India for all NRIs.


INDIA being a land of Opportunity had recently witness lots of wealth creation, improving quality of life for its people. A detail presentation on Indian Economy was done with a view to show NRIs many exciting opportunities in INDIA, which one can avail by participating with Small Savings in India and get High Returns.

World renowned financial expert institutions rates India as the fastest growing Economy in 2017.This brought lots of prosperity to people living in India specially raising quality of life for its Billion plus people. But unfortunately the NRI community, especially the skilled category workers could not avail the benefit fully due to lack of awareness.

But “WE DID NOT MISS THE BUS YET”. Few important points collected to be shared here-

  • Being a $700 Billion Economy 20 years back, today India is 2.8 Trillion Economy, 4-fold increase of wealth creation.
  • INDIA is being fore-cast by world renowned financial Institutions to be the 3rd largest Economy by 2030 with a GDP of $ 11.3Trillions overtaking Japan & Germany. In simple terms, it means again in next 15-20 years, there will be an increase of 4 fold in the wealth creation in India.
  • There are more than hundred listed companies which had created history in terms of performance and created immense wealth for its investors of their company shares. A good example is of Maruti Company whose shares were 1st listed two decades back, given at a IPO price of Rs125 and today after 20 years its shares are trading at 10500 Rupees each.
  • All of us MUST study the prosperity and growth happening in India and spend time on knowing more about the progress. An investment of just Rs 10000 ($150) today is valued at Millions of Dollars in 20 years.
  • Best and easy way to participate is through the Mutual funds route and that too buying a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) on monthly basis.
  • He/she can invest 10% of his income as savings every month. Financial planning plays a major role in Success of Wealth creation. Most of the people never plans it in good times and get caught in financial problems once good times get over of in old age.
  • With a monthly investment of 75 $ which in 20 years grows to 250000 $ in 20 years’ time and this money can be very useful for old age pension or a girl child marriage, Medical etc.
  • Equity based Mutual funds had given 18–20% average returns in past 20 years in India. This is the safest method of planting a money tree in your backyard which will keep on giving fruits for generations to come.
  • Do it on the name of every child for his future Education, marriage.
  • Later in old age, after retirement one can convert this SIP to SWP (Systematic withdrawal plan) withdrawing an amount as his pension, needed for his daily expenses and care. This way the initial big amount in SIP too keep growing every month as it still remains invested giving returns.
  • INDIA being committed to Liberalization and bringing prosperity to Global community, opened up its investment avenues to Global Financial Institutions which resulted in hundreds of them investing in India creating more wealth for its investing public in their respecting countries bringing prosperity to the global community.
  • Even locally, all major financial Institutions started funds focusing India, china and other emerging markets giving good returns for its clients.  Best example he gave is a fund called “CHINDIA”, which mainly focus on investing in India & China. This fund had given more than 40% return in 2017. All expats can avail this opportunity while they continue to live and earn here.  SIP route on monthly basis is suggested for all people who wish to participate as the compounded average yields in high profits in the long term.
  • Highlight of Mr Memon was mostly on planning of savings on monthly basis on your income and this can secure a Economic freedom for you and your family for future generations
  • All NRIs must take a pledge to start a Equity based SIP based on their monthly savings to create wealth in long term investments opportunities in India to get their share in the immense wealth creation happening in India.
  • Everyone must buy shares with small amount in big and successful Indian companies and hold them for 15-20 years. These companies have a long track record of wealth creation and profit sharing on annual basis eg. Reliance Tatas, Birlas etc. Best example given by Mr Memon is of Wipro and Maruti Co. on how much wealth they created for their investors Maruti shares was sold for 125 Rupees twenty years back and today it is trading at more than 10000 rupees each. Just calculate the amount they get back today on just a small investment. Likewise, more than 100 Blue-chip companies in India have converted an investment of 10000 Rupees into Crores in last 20 years. NRIs Community due to lack of awareness could not avail this opportunity but the next 20 years are very high growth for India. So still the chance exists to board the Bus and get success.
  • OPPORTUNITIES FOR HNIs—- Rich NRI Indians should go for PMS Accounts—portfolio management which are managed by professional Managers and have record of giving 20 to 28% returns. For opening PMS Account minimum is 25 lakhs rupees in India.
  • Those with Good funds in hand on return can look for Angel & seed fund start-up ventures, which offer them partnership and position in the company. Such startups had given 50-100 % returns on Annual basis.


Excerpts from presentations of-

  • Ameer Sha Pandikkad, Indian financial and marketing trainer
  • Memon A Kader, a prominent senior well known Socialite


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