Muslims- By India, Of India & For India

It has been seven decades since India became independent. The world has changed to the point of being indistinguishable. So has India from what it used to be 70 winters prior. The needs, concerns and state of mind of its kin have experienced a watershed change. Throughout this entire era, the only thing that has remained static is the Indian Muslim. He remains where he was in 1947. His worries, issues and needs remain what they had been at the time of Independence.

Just because Muslims have dismissed the idea of considering the country a divine power, a Goddess, does not mean they cherish their nation any less. It is only that their faith does not enable them to supplant God with the homeland. Maybe no monotheistic religion stresses and praises the solidarity and unity of God as Islam does. It doesn’t endure any impersonation and visual portrayal of God. It likewise entirely disallows visual depiction of the Prophet(PBUH) and even of his devotees. This is something that Muslims have always found hard to explain to their Hindu brethren.

Indian Muslims were an integral part of India’s freedom struggle and without any doubt would remain in fact are instrumental for its development in future. Cornering them, boxing them and targeting them with a sense of political insignificance will rupture our pluralistic and composite uniqueness and its volatile equilibrium. India is and has been home to millions of Muslims, but such hostile expressions as recent ones are completely against the secular and democratic ideals of India.

Mind of the entire Indian population, is quietly and successfully diverted from the real issues that matter to them as Indian citizens — development, jobs, investments. As for minorities, all that matters to them now is their right to a life of dignity and safety, one that is led without fear.

Is there no chance to get off disregarding immaterial issues and angry legislative issues to center around the genuine concerns and interests of India’s Muslims? Why the Muslim authority is always battling apparitions fixating on non-issues at the cost of far more concerning issues and difficulties confronting the group. By getting drawn into these interminable and unnecessary contentions and civil arguments, we just wind up assisting the wrong’s plan. When will we figure out how to pick our fights shrewdly?

This is the point at which the group, as per each social and monetary marker, performs more awful than the lowest of society. From training to business and monetary to law based portrayal, the world’s biggest minority stays at the base of the pit. What are our pioneers, researchers and educated people doing to change this situation? To what extent will they keep themselves and the group secure? Is it true that it isn’t a great opportunity to let in the new undeniable trends? Indian Muslims require more brilliant, earnest pioneers with keen techniques to manage the present difficulties.

This is the time when the Muslim youth should avoid the ‘fantasy traders’ and connect with themselves in. Think about, work, rivalry for administrations, business people, sound sustaining of families, helping other people (even non-Muslims) in the everyday battle of life.

It is not the period to blame others. We have to raise another age of individuals who can transform themselves into an insightful group, not a wistful group as we are doing at present. These young people ought to acutely think about the world, new ideas for assembling the country and draw in themselves in helpful exercises. Neither accusing others nor lauding our history and romanticizing our past would take us forward. The world has a place for the individuals who have a helpful motivation, not just dreams. Useful work is repetitive and sets aside opportunity to deliver. Made up speeches seem lovely and momentarily impressive. Composed words have a more drawn out effect. Muslims want the former and stay away from the latter. Speakers attempt to play to the exhibition. They appear to have the ability to turn the world over its foot sole areas. In any case, check them out, their reality is dull, with no productive work or foundations around them. Speakers have negative vibes surrounding them. Individuals are taken in by their memory, vocabulary and contentious aptitudes. They show up on TV screens, magazine titles and recordings and claim verbal triumph over their enemies. Practitioners work quietly for quite a long time and leave a strong effect in a little zone which has a sweeping heritage. Their genuine worth is long time after they have left the world.

There is no other option to diligent work, study, considering and strategizing for future. There can’t be firecrackers.

Just check out the mettle shown by Kashmiris in the Civil Services Results, 2018- About 950 students are selected for Civil Services every year in the country out of a population of 125 crores. This means that 7.6 students are selected per one crore population. The population of J & K is around 1.25 crore and 68 percent of them are Muslims. It means that the population of Kashmiri Muslims is around 85 lakhs. If 15 are selected out of 85 lakhs, their ratio comes to 17.6 per 1 crore. It shows that the ratio of the selection per 1 crore population in Kashmiri Muslims is almost double the national average. This is undoubtedly a wonderful display of mettle, planning and hard work. Out of 47 Muslim candidates selected in Civil Services Exams this year, 15 students come from Jammu and Kashmir. The same was the number in 2017. 14 of them were there in the 2016 list. If in last few years, the Muslim list has suddenly jumped, the credit goes mainly to Kashmiris. This is different matter that the Muslim still remain only one third of what it should have ideally been considering their percentage in the national population.

Inspect the history, however don’t attempt to do what was done previously. That was an alternate setting. Today we live in the 21st century. Our urges, inspirations, instruments, techniques and methodologies ought to be as our circumstances and society, obviously, without giving up the profound qualities that frame the layout for the improvement of all countries and religious gatherings.

India, however not as powerful as the US, Russia or China in the worldwide situation, is still amongst the significant players. Actually, it is sufficiently huge to assume a positive part. Let no conservative supremacist belief system harm India’s worldwide standing and way of life as a respectable neutral country which championed peace and world development. And Indians must acknowledge and reestablish India’s worldwide personality of the past.

Today, Muslims are in a bad state. In spite of having all the cash, assets and framework, the Indian Muslims linger behind in science and innovation, great administration, straightforwardness, responsibility, equity, solidarity, diligent work and cooperation. Also, we innocently expect a supernatural occurrence that will understand our issues and will join us.

Regardless of Muslims being caring, sacrificial and devout, they need administrative characteristics. Also they do not have pioneers to guide them towards advancement. Muslims today are complacently assuming their part of casualties and pointing the finger at predetermination for their wretchedness. Most (Muslims) are ignorant of their magnificent past and the few who know, read it without taking basic lessons from it.

Indian Muslims are experiencing an exceptionally troublesome stage faced ever in the history, in spite of their commitment in opportunity battle. Muslims controlled the Indian sub-landmass for more than 800 years and under their rule, India was the wealthiest nation on the planet with its GDP constituting 27% of the worldwide economy. Muslims joined the country into one substance and gave the absolute most delightful building ponders. They have battled boldly to shield India from the savage attack by the Mongols. Indian Muslims require not be embarrassed about their history but rather be glad that they are the producers of present day India.

There is a need for organic and natural emergence of Muslim free thought and intellectual discourse. But it requires greenhouses and not bedlams. It does not require engineered rhetoric from outside, but an inquest from within.

Muslims must begin owning their fate and work enthusiastically with insight and bravery to discover arrangements, claim their disappointments and be responsible to their activities at each stage. Islam isn’t restricted to specific customs. Equity is the focal topic of Islam and Quran. Islam requests its adherents to stand for equity.

When we begin making these little strides the correct way and present the genuine picture of Islam as a ‘religion of peace’, we would have the capacity to achieve a positive change in the view of our kinsmen. This is an intense assignment and a long-drawn battle and there is no easy route.

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