OIC KSA Tour in Ramadhan- 2018

OIC Ramadhan- 2018 KSA Tour

 We are not talking about a part time Social Service here, instead we are talking about uplifting an entire marginalized section of the society, and they are in crores. So, it’s not a part time activity, but it’s a LIFETIME REASON what we ALL MUST LIVE for!! – One India Campaign

Alhamdulillah, under the guidance of THINKERS, with the help of DOERS, we, DREAMERS, with COORDINATION as our Skill-set and ROLES varying Project to Project, have witnessed successful launch of few projects for, of & by the Community recently, as an initiative of different Organizations. Please find below the report card of OIC (One India Campaign), from one of our representatives’ where they toured KSA, to market and share the ideas of different verified NGOs, and raise calls for their support, so that the idea, references, case studies and resource can be replicated all across.


KSA West Region

OIC was invited to Jeddah on 1st of June over Iftaar, to conduct a workshop on STRENGTHEN THE WORKFORCE- Re-Enforce The HELPERS !! The event organized by a like minded Social Organisation- Bihar Anjuman, whose founder Br. Shakeel Ahmed is termed to be one of the Mentors of OIC.

After getting introduced to an audience of approx. 60 brothers from Jeddah, OIC’s representative started his talk.


KSA East Region

Post Jeddah’s visit, OIC was invited to Jubail on 8th of June over Iftaar, to conduct a similar workshop on STRENGTHEN THE WORKFORCE- Re-Enforce The HELPERS!! The event organized by a like minded Social Organisation- Bihar Jharkhand Forum.

After getting introduced to an audience of approx. 200 brothers & sisters from Jubail, OIC’s representative took to the mike.

The main excerpts from the workshop were as-




Jazak Allah Khair for letting me speak in this gathering.

Main yahaan aap logon se hamari problems bayaan nahin karunga, balki uska Solution share karunga, Project Plan Share karunga, references share karunga, Case Studies share karunga and Resources share karunga, taaki jo shamma ek jagah jali hai, wo har jagah phail jaaye- aur hum sabko ek MAQSAD-E-HAYAAT mil jaaye, In Sha Allah.

We just want to Mobilize the efforts, Synchronize them, Channelize them, Unite them and thus, Optimize them all. The goal is to ensure our maximum participation, with all our best possible capabilities, in the Upliftment of the Community- Completing the Upliftment Cycle

Already so much has been and is being done for the Ummah, through different platforms, that if we just manage to bring them all on a single platform, our results would surely get exponentially high, and we would also get a clear vision, In Sha Allah. So, by this way, we are trying to hit two targets with one arrow- Save our elders’ efforts, enhance it and also learn, while deliver.

Sawaal badalne chahiye, tareeq-e-kaar badalne chahiye– Ab Sawaal ye nahin hona chahiye, ki aapne kitni meetings kein, kitne ghante meetings kein, kitne logon ke saath meetings kein. Sawaal hona chahiye ki-

  • Number of students enrolled in OTS??
  • Number of students selected in LKG/1st Class under BPL/EWS Category as per RTE Program??
  • Number of students selected in Class 4th Navodaya Vidyalaya??
  • Number of lives touched by Imams??
  • Number of brothers qualified for Administrative/Judicial/Police Services??
  • Number of Huffaz turned to Engineers/ Doctors/ Lawyers??

Ho gayi hai peer parvat si, pighalni chaahiye,

Is Himalaya se koi ganga nikalni chaahiye!!

Mere seene mein nahin, to tere seene mein sahi,

Ho kahin bhi Aag, lekin Aag jalni chahiye!!

NAAM jiska bhi ho, KAAM hona chahiye !!

Then he started discussing the programs & projects he brought-

 Program 1 – “Community Leadership Model”

So, we have below steps in our COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP MODEL-

  1. REHNUMA– Public Figures of our Community who can raise voice for the community openly.
  2. MENTORS– Presidents/Founders of big Minority NGOs who have visions and teams of their own.
  3. Advisory Committee– Those Senior Visionaries who don’t want to be in limelight but want work to be done.
  4. Small Council– The actual think tank.
  5. Executive Committee– Those who believe in coordination and have the capability to convert different individual projects into combined, mutually beneficial and optimal Community Service Programs.
  6. Action Verticals– 4 Action Verticals, where experts of their fields discuss with their individual projects.
  7. Chapters– Location wise chapters, with One Coordinator
  8. Broadcasting List– Every Executive Committee Member must have a broadcasting list of himself/herself.

Program 2 – “Capacity Building Hunt Program”

This Program intends to hunt the Capacity Building Options in terms of Sponsor, Talent or Mentor, in order to ensure an easy meeting of needy, mentor and sponsor.

  1. Capacity Building Sponsor Hunt Program– This Program intends to first find some reliable and trusted institutions working for the Capacity Building of the Community at any level, and then finding sponsors for the institution. In 2018, we intend to help these Institutions by finding sponsors for 10% of the total strength of kids these institutions support. Also, we keep monitoring the development of our kids by frequent surprise visits to the premises. Eg: – Nida us Safa YateemKhana, Dar-e-Arqam YateemKhana, Bihar Anjuman Scholarship Project etc.
  2. Capacity Building Talent Hunt Program– This program tries to search eligible talents for some trusted and proven uplifting programs. Eg: – Huffaz Program, CPO30 Program, Media training Program etc. Aap humein Hafiz dein, aur 3-4 saal mein Dr. Hafiz lein, In Sha Allahwas a huge hit!!
  3. Capacity Building Mentor Hunt Program– This program tries to counsel students and connect them to the Mentors they need. Eg: – Deoband College LLB Program etc.

Project 3 – “DOC4- Drop Outs Control & Career Counselling Center”

This Project intends to establish a center in each and every district of India, to control the Drop-Outs rate and provide local Career Counselling.

Project 4 – “One Teacher School”

This Project intends to establish a One Teacher School in each and every needy area/mohalla of India.

 Project 5 – “Needy to Business Owners”

 This Project intends to establish businesses in India that would reserve certain percentage of their annual profit for the promotion of entrepreneurship skills among the neediest ones, like widows, orphans etc. He also raised a call to get business for such companies. Few such companies are-

  • Glaregen Law Solutions Pvt. Ltd.– For registration of companies, NGOs, schools, audits etc.
  • FuGenTex Solutions Pvt. Ltd.– For IT solutions, websites, services etc.
  • El Contento Pvt. Ltd.– For travels, tourisms, event management etc.
  • Exeligo Pvt. Ltd.– For commodities, hardware etc.
  • ODUP Pvt. Ltd.– For facility management services
  • Grainy Gain Chocolates– For chocolates, sweets etc.

Come on Brothers & Sisters- Rise for the cause!! Just by donating some money for the cause won’t solve our problems, neither getting emotional would do. We need to start using our brains, and utilizing some small units of our time for the cause. We need to have that “SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY” to synchronize all the efforts being done. So, let’s START doing the toughest and most impacting job- UNITING, SYNCHRONIZING & OPTIMIZING!! – Jazak Allah Khair.


  • Received 8 sponsors for different schemes of Capacity Building Sponsor Hunt Program (http://1indiabook.com/charts/Capacity_Building_Sponsorship_Program.html)
  • Received sponsorship for building Mosques & Madrasas in few areas.
  • Launched a new initiative- MSAP Counselling & Placement Academy.
  • Launched a new OIC Chapter- West Bihar Chapter.
  • Got commitment of a One Teacher School in every district of Siwan, Gopalganj by the end of September, 2018.
  • Got commitment of a DOC4- Drop Outs Control & Career Counselling Centre in Siwan & Gopalganj.
  • Got commitment of a paid employee for Govt. Jobs Awareness Project.
  • Invitation for a bigger scale workshop in KSA East & West Regions, in days to come.


Brothers & Sisters, from East-KSA wanted to felicitate OIC for the services done so far, but they were pleasantly surprised, when they were announced to be one of the topmost contributors of all such services, in terms of time and donations both. Having said that OIC’s representative called all of them to join him in receiving their blessings- as they were the ACTUAL DOERS and DESERVED IT more than OIC!!

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