OIC’s Monthly Newsletter- April, 2020!!

We are not talking about a part time Social Service here, instead, we are talking about uplifting Marginalized Section of Indian society, and they are almost 100 crores. So, it’s not a part time activity, but it’s a LIFETIME REASON what we ALL MUST LIVE for!! Don’t Wait for things to get perfect, before you join in, rather JUMP IN, take Responsibility and try to make things perfect. Remember, to get desired results, a Plan is important, that in turn, needs a Process. And the Process needs someone to start, to take it from scratch to Perfection.

– One India Campaign

Problem Statement

What should the community do, in these hard times?


Ya Allah humein aur hamari aane waali naslon ko wohi Salahiyat, Hidayat, Niyat, Qabiliyat, Rehnumai, Taufeeq, Anjaam aur Qubooliyat ata farma, jo tune apne Sahaba Karaam ko ata farmaayi.


Allah (SWT) has been very Kind and Generous towards us, and awarded us with friends, seniors, contacts who were/are always there to guide us, Alhamdulillah. But I felt there are lot of our brothers, out there, who are losing due to the lack of proper guidance- both in education, service and religious sectors. They are just not lucky enough. So, there exists a dire need of a strong and organized connection between the new generation and our seniors!!

As per our knowledge and understanding, the problem with this Community is-

  • If we have professionalism, knowledge and understanding of Deen is missing,
  • If we have experience and knowledge, helping nature is missing,
  • If we have helping nature, opportunities and resources are missing, and
  • If we have them all- UNITY and MUTUAL RESPECT is missing.

So, with all these problems around within the community, the question arises- Are we really doing our bit to claim ourselves as UMMAH of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)?

With the start of a new trend of creating groups on Watsapp, we have few many good groups running with the same purpose – Uplifting of Indian Muslims. And most of these groups are being managed with almost the same set of rules, same mentality, same goal and Alhamdulillah, same Vision!!

Now, looking at the success of these groups, we, a team of DREAMERS, THINKERS, PLANNERS, SPONSORS & DOERS dared to DREAM BIGGER, and with a BIGGER VISION, we thought of launching One India Campaign (OIC), in February, 2017 to CONNECT the Dots, BRIDGE the Gaps & CONTROL the LEAKING BUCKETS of Capacity Building, Economic Development, Social Causes, Women Empowerment, Media, Advocacy, Dawah & Political Empowerment issues of Indian Minorities, by MOBILIZING, UNITING, SYNCHRONIZING, CHANNELIZING & OPTIMIZING all the efforts already being done, thus ORGANIZING and ENSURING the COMPLETION OF THE UPLIFTMENT CYCLE for ENABLING them to play a PIVOTAL role in their Personal, Community, Country Growth!!

For the same, we started trying to approach almost all our brothers who are doing their bits for the sake of Allah.

The idea is not to get followers, the idea is to Unite all the Leaders, seek their guidance, and under their combined, cumulative and experienced leadership, decide next steps. Just to get the BEST MAN for the JOB!

Our only aim is to UNITE them all, and this is the only formula given in Quran- UNITE for the SAKE of ALLAH and HIS DEEN!! WE know SUCCESS will come through this only, In Sha Allah.

Inasmuch, for this sacred mission of uniting the community, we need to have some SABR, TAHAMMUL, HIKMAH and Mutual Love & Respect for each other. We need to practice FORGET & FORGIVE.

We are just calling all our Leading brothers to UNITE themselves, on a single platform, for the sake of Allah, and we are doing it, just for the SAKE of ALLAH!!




CONNECT the Dots, BRIDGE the Gaps & CONTROL the LEAKING BUCKETS of Capacity Building, Economic Development, Social Causes, Advocacy, Media, Women Empowerment, Daawah & Political Empowerment issues of Indian Minorities, by MOBILIZING, UNITING, SYNCHRONIZING, CHANNELIZING & OPTIMIZING all the efforts already being done.


Gibraltar Practice-

  • NO FINANCIAL TRANSACTION- OIC has no Bank Account!!


  • Utilizing the existing resources, rather than re-inventing the wheel.
  • Collaboration of EXPERIENCE & STRENGTH.
  • Safeguarding of the link between Community & Ulema.
  • Shoora oriented LEADERSHIP rather than Person oriented.
  • Project oriented TAQLEED rather than Person oriented.

The AIM is not to get followers, the idea is to Unite all the Leaders, seek their guidance, and under their combined and cumulative leadership and experience, decide the next MOST OPTIMAL steps, for the Upliftment of the COMMUNITY, SOCIETY & COUNTRY.

Topic 1- Capacity Building

What is Capacity Building?

Capacity Building (or TARBIYAH) is an all-round development of personality, and that is why it comprises of-

  1. Modern Education
  2. Spiritual Education
  3. Physical Education
  4. Daily Discipline
  5. Interpersonal Skills

Topic 2- Economic Development

What is Economic Development?

Economic Development of a society depends upon-

  1. Higher Studies
  2. Public Sector Jobs
  3. Corporate Sector Jobs
  4. Entrepreneurship

Topic 3- Social Causes

Social Causes divides itself in-

  1. Healthcare
  2. Matrimonial Services
  3. Disaster Management
    1. Rescue
    1. Relief
    1. Rehabilitation

Topic 4- Women Empowerment

Empowerment lafz istemaal uske liye kiya jaata hai jiske paas pehle se koi power na ho. Islam mein to Aurton ke Huqooq saaf taur par wazeh hain, to Islam ki sahi samajh rakhne waalo ke mutaabiq to Muslim Aurtein kaafi EMPOWERED hain, lekin is lafz ki zaroorat tab pad jaati hai, jab hum poore mulk ki khwaateen par nigaah daalte hain, khwaah wo kisi bhi Dharm ya Mazhab ki maanne waali kyun na hon.

Topic 5- Comparative Religion

Humse ye sawaal zaroor poocha jaayega, ki kya Allah ka paigham humne har kisi tak pahunchaaya? Aur Paigham ko pahunchaane ke liye, apni baat bataane ke liye, pehle saamne waali ki baat sunni bhi zaroori hai. Aur sunne, samajhne ke liye, uske mutaabiq baat karne ke liye, humein doosre deen ka mutaala bhi karna zaroori hai. Isi Mutaale, Mulaqaat, Sunna, Samajhne, Samjhaane ka naam hi COMPARATIVE RELIGION hai.

Topic 6- Media

Aaj ke daur mein jahaan Media ko Khule-aam jhooth aur nafrat phailaane ki machine ki tarah istemaal kiya ja raha hai, wahaan par Marginalized Indians ke liye, Haq-paraston ke liye kam se kam ek Media Platform aisa hona chahiye, jo sach bole, Haq bole, sach phailaaye, aur Mohababt aur Bharosa badhaaye.

Media Platform ke ilaawa, Imaandaar Media Professionals ka hona bhi zaroori hai, jinki nazar mein Media sirf paisa kamaane ka zariya hi na ho, balki Marginalized Indians ki awaaz bhi ho, aur wo is baat ke liye Koshaan ho ki Media, jo ki Democracy ka 4th Pillar hai, uski Baqa baaki rahe.

Topic 7- Advocacy

Ye jo Hate Crimes ho rahe hain, ye ek narrative create karke kiye ja rahe hain, jismein har kisi ka apna ek role hai- ismein Planners hain, Strategists hain, Writers hain aur phir propaganda phailaane ke liye Media hai.

Is tarah se aap par jhooth phailaane aur aapko takleef pahuchane waalo ke liye, Surah Muzammil, Aayat 8-12 mein, Quran hukm deta hai ki Allah ko apna Waqeel banaayein aur takleef pahunchane waalon ko Allah par chhod dein. Ek baat zaroor yaad rakhein, ki Surah Muzammil raat ki Ibaadat ka hukm bade hi wazeh tareeqe se, aur tafseel se deti hai, isiliye is Ibaadat ka bhi ehtemaam utna hi zaroori hai.

Topic 8- Political Awareness

“kehte hai jeete hai umeed par hum

Hum jinhe jeene ki bhi umeed nahi”

Today’s situation of India’s social, economic and political is at a crossroad where it’s even more difficult to being a Muslim than it was in the past. The condition is far more serious than it was in 1857 or 1947.

Ab wo time nahi hai ki hum ignore kar sakein ki isse hamara kya lena dena, agar ab nahi bole toh kal jab hamara sab kuch khatm ho raha hoga toh koi na hoga awaaz uthane wala. Ek sochi samjhi saazish ke tehet Musalmaanon ko unke huqooq se bartaraf karne ki lagataar koshishein jaari hain, aur ye aag phailte hue, ab hamare darwaazon tak aa pahunchi hai.

Shuruat apne ap se karni padegi, agar hum dekhna chahenge toh sab kuch nazar ayega. Hamara apna wajood is under threat. Hamne apne aap ko ek set of rituals main baandh diya hai jabki Islam is a thought process, it’s a complete guide to living to the standards which are fluid and adaptable. We have made it so strict and inflexible that most who don’t understand do not want to follow it. We readily take out lines and quote them at ramdom places giving others a chance to malign the fastest growing religion. Everything is in context in the quran, we cannot take out things from there and leave it open to misinterpretation. So first things first, read about your religion, find out for yourself and defend it when others misconduct or misinterpret.

Let us go back to the basics of Islam and uphold the values of justice and truth and be role models. Remember our Prophet showed us by upholding each and every value personally, try and live up to the spirit of Islam.

In order to solve our problem, we should have realistic assessment of our position, impact and influence on following areas. Once we have clarity on our present state then we should visualize what needs to be done and who all can do it in systematic way

  • Social and Cultural
  • Moral and Value system
  • Economical
  • Education
  • Administration
  • Media 
  • Legal
  • Political

We need to understand few things-

  1. State of Muslim Political Leadership in India
  2. Reason of present state of Political leadership among Muslims in India
  3. Role of Political Parties in the poor leadership of Muslim community
  4. Role of Religious Leaders & Community in the poor leadership of Muslim

Topic 9- Research & Development

Zamaane se ye baat chali aa rahi hai, ki information ka hona kitna zaroori hai. Aur us information ka refined hona, uske istemaal ke liye use bhi zyaada zaroori hai. Agar aap refined information se mehroom hain, to aap sahi Ideas generate nahin kar sakte, aur un Ideas ko Plan mein convert nahin kar sakte, aur jab tak Planning nahin hogi, to Organized Disciplined Action nahin ho sakta, joki aapko required results kabhi bhi nahin de paayega. Isliye in zarooriyaat ko poora karne ke liye, aapke paas ek Research Wing ka hona laazimi hai.

“A scholar without activism is only a mercenary of knowledge. An activist without knowledge is just a mercenary of charity. Beware, it is neither knowledge nor charity, but justice that brings the kingdom.” Santiago Slabodsky

Corollary: Action without rational thought based on critical thinking can be dangerous, but education, rational thought, and spoken words remain sterile without ACTION

Topic 10- Leadership

This is the DARK SIDE of this QAUM!!

This QAUM never got overcome, as a whole, by anyone!!

Many a times in history, we got back what belonged to us. Then we again lost it, to those whom we believed in, and they handed it over back to where we WON it from.

Aisa kyun hua, aur kaise hua? Iski sirf 2 hi wajah abhi tak saamne aati hain- Offer ya Azeeyat!!

Jo offer aapko/aapke Leaders ko milta hai, wo bahut handsome, lucrative aur highly rewarding hota hai- Beshak Duniya ke aetbaar se. Lekin us waqt, aapko Rasoolullah SAW ka qaul yaad karna chahiye- “Mere ek haath mein Chand, aur doosre haath mein Sooraj de doge, tab bhi main Haq se nahin hatunga”

Jo azeeyat aapko/aapke Leaders ko di jaayegi, wo bahut sakht hogi, kadi aazmaaish hogi, sakht imtehaan hoga. Lekin us waqt, aapko Bilal Habshi RA aur Ahmed ibn Humbal RA ko yaad karna chahiye. Log kaheinge ki ek baar Haq se hat jao, wo tumhein us azeeyat se bacha leinge, lekin aapka Imaan us darje ka hona chahiye, ki aapka jawaab ho- “Ek baar Allah se maafi maang lo, main tumhein Allah se sifaarish karunga, In Sha Allah”


Coordination bahut zaroori hai, ye jaane ke liye ki kahin DUPLICATION of EFFORTS ya LEAKING BUCKETS ka case to nahin ho raha hai, ki hamare Mehdood Wasail zaaya ho rahe hain. Milkar kaam karna aur ek doosre se coordinate karke kaam karne ka faayeda ye hota hai, ki ek zarooratmand ko ek team khaana de deti hai, doosri team kapda de deti hai, aur teesri team kitaabein de deti hai, warna Coordination ke bina teenon teams Khaana dekar aa jaatein (Duplication of Efforts) ya teenon teams madad ko na pahunchti, ye sochkar ki doosri ne dekh liya hoga (Leaking Buckets). Isiliye Coordination ek Organized & Discplined Efforts ke liye Sakht zaroori hai.


“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” Lao Tzu

Cowardice asks the question – is it safe? Expediency asks the question – is it politic? Vanity asks the question – is it popular? But conscience asks the question – is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it is right. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Come on Brothers & Sisters- Rise for the cause!! Just by donating some money for the cause won’t solve our problems, neither getting emotional would do. We need to start using our brains, and devote a small portion of our time for the cause. We need to have that “SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY” to synchronize all the efforts being done. So, let’s START doing the toughest and most impacting job- UNITING, SYNCHRONIZING & OPTIMIZING!!

Ho gayi hai peer parvat si, pighalni chahiye. Is Hamalaya se koi Ganga nikalni chahiye!!Mere seene mein nahin, tere seene mein Sahi. Ho kahin bhi Aag, lekin Aag jalni chahiye!!NAAM ho, na ho, ya jis kisi ka bhi ho. Bas KAAM hote rehna chahiye!!

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