Role of a Muslim in today’s World !!

In today’s world, when everywhere there is chaos, confusion, nonsense all around, what role a Muslim is expected to play, what is he NEEDED to play, rather than what is he WANTED to play. We, as a blessed Ummah of beloved Prophet (PBUH), have been assigned with certain responsibilities by Allah SWT to ensure PEACE, LOVE, JUSTICE and BROTHERHOOD to prevail. So, there are 7 points to prepare ourselves for this pious responsibility-

  1. Identify the Purpose (Maqsad) of Life– Inspiration (Live for nothing or Die for something !!).

Without a purpose/goal, life is meaningless. To decide the direction, the flow, and the pace, we need to have a Purpose/Goal. Now, there’s just 2 options, we have here- DUNIYA or AAKHIRAH. Striving for Only Duniya might get you DUNIYA only, but striving for AAKHIRAH might give you both, AAKIHIRA and DUNIYA, In Sha Allah.  

We have the opportunity of high stations of Jannah – to meet the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him), to meet the blessed companions (May Allah be pleased with them all), and most of all to see Allah SWT. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Yet still many of us choose to not strive for Jannah. We have sadly become distracted and absorbed by this duniya, and lost sight of our purpose – worshipping Allah – and our main goal – the pleasure of Allah and subsequently Jannah.

  • Decide the Inspiration/Ideal for Life– Is it Warren Buffey, Steve Jobs, or Khalid ibn Walid (RA), Salahuddin Ayyubi (RA), Omar ibn Khattab (RA), Hakim Luqman??
  • Evaluate yourself on the parameters set by your Ideals– Sultan Mohammad Al Fateh won Constantinople for us at the age of 21 years, Muhammad ibn Qassim won Hind for us at the age of 17 years, Salahuddin Ayyubi (RA) was away from home for numerous years, for doing what he is known for today. Now, let us introspect what are we doing? What good are we for our religion, our community. I am not promoting any Extremism here. I am just asking all of us to be steadfast in our Deen.
  • Decide the Way of Life– Best way is to copy the ways of life of your Ideals, as much as possible.
  • Promise yourself to try your best to fill gaps – Promise yourself for putting in your best to fill the gaps and be a true servant to Allah, with full IKHLAAS. Come out of your comfort and convenience zone. Nothing great can be achieved without struggle and sacrifices!
  • Pray to Allah SWT to guide you and accept your services – Pray to Allah to guide you, help you with friends whom HE keeps friendship with, and accept your services.
  • Present yourself to the Will of Allah SWT to utilize you– Present yourself to the will of Allah SWT to utilize you for the betterment of community, country and humanity.

And once HE accepts you, and IT starts, NEVER look back. Try to get rid of your BUGHZ, QEENA, TAKABBUR, NIFAAQ, Jealousy, Insecurity, Useless (worldly) Competition as soon as possible. Keep seeking HIS refuge from Shaitaan, keep seeking HIS guidance in all your efforts, keep doing Istaghfaar and just get going with the flow. Just never stop- Never turn back!!

Achieving excellence in what you do is desired, cannot be ignored, but lines must not be crossed, and Purpose of Life must never be forgotten!! Please remember, if a brother in Islam is uncomfortable with you- You need to work upon it. Your presence MUST always give hope to those around you. Try to ensure that you give everything its right – your deen, your health and body, your sleep, your family, your work, so on and so forth.

Now, this is a homework for all of us, to go back, think about it and ACT!!

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