Success Story with MSAP

Mohammad Izman, a young lad from Allahabad, UP, completed his B.Tech. in 2009, but was unable to get a proper job for almost 8 years. In 2017, he came in contact with MSAP group, that suggested him start his career in SAP field. After their suggestion, Izman took some time to set his mind for a career in SAP, and then he planned to go to Hyderabad for coaching. The first challenge he faced in Hyderabad was to select the right SAP module, suiting his interests and then to choose the best coaching institute there, for that SAP Module. And after spending 5 to 6 days, he got answers to both his challenges.

With the help of MSAP Brothers, and he found a feasible coaching for SAP SD (Sales & Distribution module). But in the middle of his learning phase, his mother got diagnosed with last stage cancer in gallbladder, and he was forced to stop his SAP training to look after his mother. After 4 months, his mother departed to meet God. Having lost his mother, left him completely drained, but as per him, MSAP brothers again motivated him, to get back on track, and he restarted his SAP training and finally completed it. He faced lot of problems, during his training period, but with his own enthusiasm and support from MSAP, he overcame all the hurdles.

After the completion of his training he searched for SAP SD job in Bangalore. But even after spending around 2 months, and giving 6-8 interviews, his luck didn’t shine.

During the same period, his family fixed his marriage. His Job search was still on, but the recent updates once again forced him to return back to his hometown. Then he married, without a job in hand.

After marriage, once again he started his job search, with the help of MSAP group, but this time in Pune, and very quickly got interview calls from 3 MNCs but still couldn’t succeed.

One day, he got an interview call from a company, in Mumbai, but once again faced rejection from the interviewer, and then he finally decided to meet the Higher Management of that company directly, and asked them to be interviewed from Delivery Head, himself- and bingo- he got SELECTED!!

Just few days back, he has completed his first SAP Implementation Project of SAP S4 HANA, as SAP SD Consultant!!

Izman gives the credit of his success to MSAP, but we all know that the real credit goes to him, his courage and his whim to become an SAP Consultant. 

Congratulations & Good Luck from MSAP!!


Contact :- Mohammad Izman- +91 96967 93997

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