Working Guidelines for OIC Coordinators !!

Edition- 1.2

Dear OIC Coordinators,

In order to work towards the main Objective of OIC, there are few points, we all need to understand.

Pre-requisites for being a Coordinator

  1. Ensure there is LILLAHIYAT in whatever you do.
  2. Ensure that you get make full efforts to get rid of NAFS & ZAAT.

Types of OIC Coordinators and their Coordination

OIC’s work is divided into 2 parts- Departments & Zones, headed by Department Coordinators and Zonal Coordinators, respectively.

Department Coordinators are Planners. Apne Department se related Programs/Projects design karna aur banana unka kaam hai. They are followed by Sub-Department Coordinators, Facility Connect Program Managers, Resource Connect Program Managers and Project Managers.

Jabki Zonal Coordinators ka kaam un projects ko apne Zones mein Execute karna hai, so they are DOERS. They are followed by State Coordinators, District Coordinators and Ward Coordinators.

Once Programs & Projects of Department Coordinators get approved by Executive Committee, Department Coordinators need to inform/train Zonal Coordinators and get the implementations done at ground level.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee is formed of Department & Zonal Coordinators who are the BEST POSSIBLE COMBINATION of DREAMERS, THINKERS, PLANNERS & DOERS. In the weekly call of Executive Committee, tickets are assigned to Coordinators with a trust that every week would see some progress upon tasks assigned. To share the load, every Coordinator is assigned a Trainee to work as per his/her requirement. The Executive Committee members are expected to show the weekly progress in terms of actions, that shall differentiate them from JUST TALKERS.


Whenever there is a situation or a problem that needs to be discussed, it requires an initial discussion within Executive Committee. This discussion needs to be kind an intense debate so that all members of Executive Committee learn from it and by the end of the debate get to a level to conclude the debate with Action Items.

Triggering an Initiative (PLANNERS)

Whenever there pops up an Idea, THINKERS need to do a Feasibility Check and for this they depend upon Department Coordinators to run a pilot project with one Zonal/State/District Coordinator to create a Model. Once a Model is prepared, it gets assigned to PLANNERS to trigger the actual project and replicate the model all across India.

Executing a Project (DOERS)

  1. OIC is a loosely bonded network of different Social Working Teams working across the country.
  2. In case, honorary services option does not exist for any particular project, OIC raises the call for donations within the OIC Network.
  3. Anyone from OIC Network can take up any project and is entitled to raise concerns/call for help to respective OIC Department/Zonal Coordinator.
  4. OIC Coordinator then performs a 5 level OIC Projects Strategic Checks (OIC PSE) upon the Project-
    1. MOBILIZING- Mobilize all possible Connects (outside/inside OIC Network) doing similar work/project.
    2. SYNCHRONIZING- Synchronize the efforts of all possible Connects doing similar work/project and develop a synergy between them.
    3. UNITING- Unite all possible Connects doing similar work/project and form teams.
    4. CHANNELIZING- Developing a proper channel between different teams working on similar projects, to ensure the Impact gets Stronger.
    5. OPTIMIZING- Optimize the Output, by ensuring there is NO Duplication of Work or any LEAKING Bucket. Let us do it, only if NO ONE is doing it.
  5. OIC Coordinator, discusses this with OIC- Executive Committee, in weekly meeting, and if passed, contacts Sponsors (over mails keeping in cc).
  6. Sponsors transfer the help in registered bank account of respective DOERS only, as OIC is a Campaign and not a registered Organization, and does not have any official bank account, so does not accept any donations.
  7. Since OIC is a Campaign and not a registered Organization, it cannot GUARANTEE complete help, but yes, HELP is guaranteed, so OIC Coordinator MUST make it clear to all OIC- Connects that “COMPLETE & ABSOLUTE DEPENDENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY upon OIC MUST be AVOIDED.
  8. OIC Coordinator is required to present a summary of FUI (Funds Utilization Index) to Executive Committee and Sponsors.

So, in the light of above points, here also, things go a bit CAUTIOUS way.

Thanks & Regards,

OIC- One India Campaign,

A Campaign- a CLOUD from DREAMERS, THINKERS & DOERS, to CONNECT the Dots, BRIDGE the Gaps & CONTROL the LEAKING BUCKETS of Capacity Building, Economic Development, Women Empowerment, Social Causes, Media, Advocacy, Daawah & Political Empowerment issues of Marginalized Indians, by MOBILIZING, UNITING, SYNCHRONIZING, CHANNELIZING & OPTIMIZING all the efforts already being done, thus, ORGANIZING and ENSURING the COMPLETION OF THE UPLIFTMENT CYCLE, for ENABLING them to play a PIVOTAL role in their Personal, Community, Country Growth!!


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